Why Modular

Explore the Benefits of Modular Construction

There are numerous advantages to using modular (or pre-engineered) systems when designing and building interior structures and many of these benefits are ideal for those in the cannabis industry.

Overhead shot of standard flowering room.

Clean Installation
  • Modular components are non-shedding.
  • Prefabricated systems require less on-site cutting.
  • Less on-site fabrication results in less material waste.

Increased Speed to Market
  • Modular components are pre-designed and prefabricated, requiring less installation time.
Easy to Modify
  • Wall panels can be easily replaced.
  • Easy to integrate new windows or doors.
  • Buildings can be easily expanded or reconfigured without showing signs that a repair or modification has been made.

Grow With Your Business
  • Modular buildings can be relocated to a new facility in the future (great for leased spaces).
  • Ability to adapt to changing business needs provides increased ROI.
Grow Room Animation

Tax Benefits
  • Modular systems offer a faster depreciation rate of 7 years (as opposed to 39 years with traditional construction materials). 
  • Results in a quicker return on investment.

Indoor Growing Benefits

Our modular systems are developed for indoor applications in order to achieve maximum control over environmental conditions. Learn more about the benefits of Growing Indoors with PortaFab Controlled Environments.

Ideal Conditions for Grow Room Cultivation

As an industry leader in modular building systems for the controlled environments, PortaFab leads the way in providing the ideal conditions for cannabis grow rooms. Learn more about how our load-bearing aluminum wall systems can help increase crop yield while decreasing production costs.

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