Complete Solutions for Perpetual Harvesting

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With an extensive product line and the ability to develop customized solutions, PortaFab can help create controlled environments for every phase of cannabis production process including:

  • Mother Rooms
  • Clone Rooms
  • Vegetative Growth Rooms
  • Flowering Rooms
  • Drying & Trim Rooms
  • Curing Rooms
  • Extraction Rooms
  • Compounding Rooms
  • MIP Production
  • Packaging Rooms


PortaFab environments also can be designed to accommodate growing systems using all types of soils used in cannabis production including rockwool, coconut fiber, clay pellets, perlite, vermiculite and organic soil.


Air Flow Design Options

Depending on your application, our cleanrooms can be designed to achieve either single-pass or recirculating air flow patterns.

Single Pass Design

In "single pass" design, ambient air is filtered into the cleanroom and transferred out into the surrounding building space.

Single pass designs are commonly used in environments that do not require as strict of temperature or humidity control, while still limiting the amount of air contamination within the room.

Recirculating Air Design

In "recirculating" air designs, air handling units condition the air, which is drawn through low wall returns and into the ceiling plenum.

These designs are typically used for cleanrooms with stricter temperature or humidity requirements, and to isolate the environment for greater process control.

Local installation available due to our nationwide network of representatives.

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